The best in the west
Chezy Champs is an annual off-season FIRST robotics tournament hosted by Team 254. The tournament takes place in late September, at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, California. This fall, Team 254 is hosting the sixth annual Chezy Champs, a premiere off-season FIRST Robotics competition event. 42 teams will come together in San Jose to battle it out to determine the best in the west.
Chezy Champs is free and open to the public.





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Chezy Champs features an entertaining show, competent volunteers, and a focus on the team experience. There will also be 254-style photo shoots for all robots Friday evening, blue banners and awesome trophies, and rule changes.

When: Saturday and Sunday, September 28-29, 2019 (With Friday night load-in)

Where: Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose, California

Registration: $300 ($600 for field-side pit)


Chezy Champs has two parking areas which are not directly connected to each other:

Friday, September 27
6pm Venue Opens to Teams
6-9pm Team Load-in
7-9pm Open Practice Matches
9:30pm Venue Closes
Saturday, September 28
8am Venue Opens
9-9:30am Driver Meeting
9:30-9:45am Opening Ceremonies
9:45am-12pm Qualification Matches
12-1pm Lunch Break
1-7pm Qualification Matches
7:30pm Venue Closes
Sunday, September 29
8:30am Venue Opens
9:15-9:30am Opening Ceremonies
9:30-11am Qualification Matches
11:45am-12pm Alliance Selection
12-1pm Lunch Break
1-4:30pm Elimination Matches & Closing Ceremonies
6pm Venue Closes

Chezy Champs will be played under the FIRST Destination: Deep Space rules with the following modifications:


There will be no robot inspections conducted, and teams are allowed an extra five (5) pounds weight for repairs and minor modifications. Event organizers may conduct ad-hoc inspections at any time; violations identified must be corrected before the robot can participate in subsequent matches, and teams may be retroactively disqualified from past matches for egregious violations that resulted in a competitive advantage.

Gameplay (changes to existing rules are underlined; deletions are crossed out.)

In general, minor violations of game rules that, in the best judgement of the REFEREES, meet ALL of the below conditions, will not be penalized:

  1. Are accidental
  2. Do not pose a safety hazard
  3. Do not change the difficulty of the game for either alliance

G5. Don't mess with opponents' scored GAME PIECES. A ROBOT may not remove a GAME PIECE from an opponents' ROCKET/CARGO SHIP. Precariously-placed GAME PIECES (e.g. HATCH PANELS having full hook-and-loop engagement on only one side) which become dislodged because of incidental contact with the ROCKET/CARGO SHIP are not considered a violation of this rule.

G6. It's okay for ROBOTS to throw HATCH PANELS. ROBOTS may shoot HATCH PANELS without restriction, so long as doing so would not violate S1, G5, G7, G8, or G20 (in which case the penalties from those rules would apply). No throwing HATCH PANELS. ROBOTS may not shoot HATCH PANELS into the air in a way that's prohibited in R6, kick them across the floor using an active MECHANISM, or eject them across the floor in a forceful way (i.e. HATCH PANEL is caused to move a significant distance).

G9. One (1) defender at a time. No more than one ROBOT may be positioned such that its BUMPERS break the plane defined by or are completely beyond the opponent's CARGO SHIP LINE.

The exception to this rule is if an additional ROBOT

  1. is forced to cross the opponent's CARGO SHIP LINE by an opponent ROBOT (e.g. it is pushed over the opponent's CARGO SHIP LINE by an opponent in a defensive effort to prevent them from scoring a CARGO in a ROCKET), and
  2. makes a dedicated effort to cross back over the CARGO SHIP LINE until no more than one ROBOT is positioned such that its BUMPERS break the plane defined by or are completely beyond the opponent's CARGO SHIP LINE.

G11. Throwing CARGO on defense is okay. Robots may propel CARGO without restriction, so long as doing so would not violate S1, G5, G7, G8, G10, or G20 (in which case the penalties from those rules would apply). No throwing CARGO on defense. A ROBOT with its BUMPERS breaking the plane defined by or completely beyond the opponent's CARGO SHIP LINE may not shoot CARGO into the air, kick it across the floor using an active MECHANISM, or eject it across the floor in a forceful way (i.e. CARGO is propelled a significant distance).

G12. Stay out of the ALLIANCE STATIONS Duck in the HAB ZONES. A ROBOT with its BUMPERS fully in either HAB ZONE may not break the vertical plane extend above the ALLIANCE STATION WALL or damage the SANDSTORM, i.e. more than 6 ft. 6 in. (~198 cm) above the carpet.

R6. A ROBOT may not be designed to shoot a HATCH PANEL such that it travels more than 3 horizontal ft. (~91 cm) beyond its FRAME PERIMETER (reference G6).

Complete ROCKET Ranking Point: Awarded if, for each of the three (3) ROCKET levels, at least one (1) of the ALLIANCE'S ROCKETS has two (2) scored HATCH PANELS and two (2) scored CARGO at that level for completing at least one (1) ROCKET with six (6) scored HATCH PANELS and six (6) scored CARGO.

HAB Docking Ranking Point: Awarded for earning at least eighteen (18) fifteen (15) HAB Climb Bonus points.

Section 5.3 on assessing HAB Climb Bonuses:
For the purposes of assessing SANDSTORM and HAB Climb Bonuses described in Table 5-1, a ROBOT is considered to have started from, or climbed to, a HAB Level if:

  1. the ROBOT'S BUMPERS are fully above the Level's platform and
  2. the ROBOT is only supported by:
    • surfaces of the HAB PLATFORM at or above that Level (including transitively through a GAME PIECE),
    • ALLIANCE WALL, and/or
    • another ROBOT which has climbed to that HAB Level or higher

For the purpose of determining HAB Level at the end of the match, a ROBOT is not considered to be supported by a GAME PIECE or another ROBOT if, in the estimation of the REFEREES, the absence of the support would not change the Level that the ROBOT would otherwise be considered to have climbed to.

Alliance Selection

Chezy Champs will use four-team playoff alliances. All rules governing their selection and operation will be identical to those for Championship playoff alliances in section 12.10.1 in the official manual.